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Kitesurf Boards

Cabrinha Spade '18

SPADE CROSSOVER SURF Sizes: 5’3” x 19.3” x 1.96” - 20.1L / 5’6” x 19.8” x 2.17” - 24.1 L Designed for high performance surfing with aerial trickery. The Spade is our ultra-versatile performance surfboard.  It starts with a slightly wider and curvier outline that lends itself to tight turns in the pocket of any sized wave. The three fin configuration...

Cabrinha S-Quad '18

S:QUAD DOWN THE LINE SURF Sizes: 5’7” x 18.5” x 2.11” - 22.3 L / 5’9” x 19.1” x 2.21” - 24.7 L Now in its sixth 6th version the S:Quad is back with all of its great power surfing performance. The S:Quad has a narrow outline which makes it great for riding fast and pushing hard in the turns and...

Cabrinha XCaliber Wood 2018

XCAL WOOD ALL AROUND PERFORMANCE FREESTYLE Sizes: 133 x 40 / 135 x 41 / 138 x 42 / 141 x 43 The XCaliber wood is an all new construction for a performance freestyle board that will widen your playing field. The XCaliber wood model is the more flexible counterpart to the XCaliber carbon model. The full wood version of this incredible...

Cabrinha ACE Wood '18

ACE WOOD ALL AROUND PERFORMANCE FREERIDE / BIG AIR Sizes: 133 x 38.5 / 135 x 40 / 138 x 41.5 / 141 x 43 The all-new Ace Wood board provides a dampened ride for any and all progressive freeriding. The dampening properties of the Paulownia wood core are perfectly suited for the Ace wood model. The Ace wood provides...

Liquid Force Libre 150 '18

LIBRE SIZES 150CM X 43.3CM MID & 45CM WIDEPOINT AND160CM X 48.5CM MID & 50CM WIDEPOINT Free yourself from the light wind doldrums! If you think about kiting at the first sign of the leaves moving on trees, the slight flutter of a flag or the hint of breeze at your local sensor, the Libre will make your ambition of...

Liquid Force Benchmark Kite Board

BENCHMARK SIZES 130 X 40 RIDER WEIGHT 50KG – 65KG ----- 135 X 41 RIDER WEIGHT >55KG There is no question that a 10-time World Champion knows what is needed in a board to reach the highest of level of competition.  Gisela Pulido and her father Juan Manuel have been perfecting her perfect ideal twin tip for years.  With the...

Liquid Force Element Kite Board

ELEMENT SIZES 137 X 41.2 RIDER WEIGHT 65KG – 85KG ----- 142 X 42.6 RIDER WEIGHT >75KG Designed by legendary wakeboard and kiteboard shaper Jimmy Redmon with input from PKRA rider Christophe Tack, the lightweight Element features an ultra-shallow concave center with quad-channeled tips, delivering explosive pop, fast landings, upwind projection, lightning-quick response, and full-bore freestyle/freeride performance. The continued use...

Liquid Force OverDrive '18

OVER DRIVE SIZES 142 X 45 / 148 X 45.5 CM The Over Drive brings high end freestyle performance to the light wind and heavy rider arena. Featuring inline inserts, minimal rocker, and a hearty width, the Over Drive offers early and efficient planing, exceptional upwind capability, powerful pop, and a smooth, predictable feel. All of it comes together with...

Liquid Force Drive '18

DRIVE SIZES 134 X 39.5 / 137 X 40.5 / 140 X 41.5 / 143 X 42 CM Engineered to transform a kiter’s riding in a short period of time, the Drive packs a potent, empowering punch. Offering the ultimate value to performance ratio, the Drive features many of our most advanced technologies and is optimized specifically for progression, staying...

Cabrinha Spectrum '18

SPECTRUM ALL AROUND FREERIDE Sizes: 133 x 40 / 136 x 41 / 140 x 42 / 144 x 43 / 148 x 44 / 152 x 44 The Spectrum is a versatile board that covers the entire spectrum of conditions and riding styles. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island with only one board to ride, you would do...

Cabrinha Spectrum 144cm '17

SPECTRUM ALL AROUND FREERIDE Sizes: 133 x 39 / 136 x 41 / 140 x 42 / 144 x 43 / 148 x 44 / 152 x 44 The Spectrum is a versatile board that covers the entire spectrum of conditions and riding styles. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island with only one board to ride,...

GA Kite Board Blend 135 x 42 cm '17, Ex Demo

BLEND FREERIDE I FREESTYLE The Blend is the ultimate weapon for light winds. No matter if you want to be first when a light sea breeze kicks in or you want to blast through some moves on the lake this board provides super early planing. The wide tips, flat rocker and straight outline provide maximum upwind abilities. The handling is...

Cabrinha Double Agent '18 (Board & Foil Options)

DOUBLE AGENT HYDROFOIL / SURF SKATE Sizes: SIZES: Board Sizes: 135cm / 145cmMast Sizes: 40cm / 60cm / 85cm One board, two faces. A performance hydrofoil board that’s incredibly easy to ride. Quickly converts into a fun surf skate.Cabrinha’s 2018 foil board program now offers 3 different mast sizes to suit a wide range of conditions and ability levels: 40cm...
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