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  • Tabou Rocket Wide 120 LTD '17
  • Tabou Rocket Wide 120 LTD '17
  • Tabou Rocket Wide 120 LTD '17
  • Tabou Rocket Wide 120 LTD '17
  • Tabou Rocket Wide 120 LTD '17
  • Tabou Rocket Wide 120 LTD '17
SKU: 010317AM15

Tabou Rocket Wide 120 LTD '17

  • Vendor: Tabou
  • Product Type: Windsurf Boards
FOR WHO? MODERN FREERIDER 1. FREERIDE BOARD WITH SLALOM FEATURES 2. EASY TO JIBE 3. FAST IN LIGHT AND GUSTY WIND ROCKET WIDE LTD/CED The Rocket wide is our modern take on the Freeride board. We took the the award-winning Rocket and made it shorter, wider, thinner, and faster. The end result is a board that is soft to ride, easy to jibe, and fast in the straights. The extra width of the Rocket Wide allows it to carry speed through lulls which is good in gusty winds or on freshwater lakes. The width also helps to keep speed and stays balanced during jibes. Overall the easy outline helps the Rocket Wide fly out of jibes, and the slalom features can almost beat race boards in speed, all with a freeride comfort. THE FEATURES Straightened rocker in the nose for better low-end acceleration Reshaped deck shape at the tail to be more ergonomic which not only is more comfortable for the feet but also helps to go upwind Reduced cutout area to provide more control Deepened concaves on the bottom to make the board cut through chop more easily – Speed of slalom with the ease of freeride – RTM fins for better acceleration, especially in lighter winds


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