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  • AHD SL3 128L Carbon Slalom/Race/Foil

AHD SL3 128L Carbon Slalom/Race/Foil

  • Vendor: AHD
  • Product Type: Windsurf Boards

The AHD SL3 128L Carbon Slalom/Race/Foil is in very good conditions and has only small signs of use as you would expect. For more information, please get in contact with our SurfDoctor Team.
The perfect combo of slalom board and foil compatibility.


AHD SL3 Slalom Race Boards - To Win, and Only This! Concept

The new SL3 reflects Diony Guadagnino's desire to push the AHD slalom range to its maximum performance in all conditions, giving him all the feedback and control he needs to achieve his full potential in the heat of battle!

The outline, the hull/rail shapes, the cuts-outs, the position of the boxes, and our exceptional Carbon Double Sandwich construction - all have been reviewed and refined to obtain the best board and rider performance in all conditions. With our pioneering Windfoiling work stretching back to the late 2000's, we are delighted to see the Windsurfing world is at last embracing the phenomenal performance and emotions we have been advocating for so long. We have of course fully developed and strengthened the SL3 range to compliment the AHD AFS-2/700 range of Full Carbon Deep Tuttle Foils, entering the market in the summer of 2017.

No compromise has been accepted when only excellence is sought, in order that the SL3 will compliment you in all your victories, and greatest emotions on the water. Shape/Construction Pascal and Diony have worked untiringly to reach the targeted results. These boards are shorter, wider & thinner.

On a shorter outline, the hull-bottom sports a long Vee and a progressive double-concave to flat for blistering performance with tremendous rider confidence. The double cut-outs have been developed for a great balance between control, speed, planning and acceleration, especially through the gybe and challenging conditions. The mast-foot position is further sunk into the deck.

The new OSS Carbon Double Sandwich specified for SL3 is lighter, further boosting performance and control, while delivering the strength required for the exceptional forces generated while foiling! All this is careful development improves the board and the rider's intrinsic control & speed.

At a glance: * Sharper rails. * Compact outline. * Double stern cut-outs. * Long Vee and progressive double concave along the hull. Manoeuvrability 50% Speed 100% Planning 100% Accessibility 40%



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