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  • JP Australia Slalom Pro 2018
SKU: 281043-J8B70SL71PRO-55

JP Slalom PRO '18

  • Vendor: JP-Australia
  • Product Type: Windsurf Boards


Designed for the toughest slalom competitions in the world, they are incredibly fast! The control and comfort of these boards are the key to top-speed. They impress with their aggressiveness in jibes and the quick acceleration out of the turn.
Slalom board development never stops. Throughout the year prototypes are tested at various locations and World Cup venues to ensure that new boards excel their predecessors in all conditions. The overall performance of our 2017 boards is already so high that we only need to introduce 2 new shapes for 2018 – a totally new 71 and 85.

The base design of the JP Slalom boards is a short compact shape with a rather parallel outline which maximizes the planing surface to lift the boards onto the plane instantly.

The special tail cut-outs create two outlines:
• The deck outline is wider – enabling the rider to push hard against the fin – resulting in better acceleration and a looser, faster ride.
• The narrower bottom outline reduces the wetted surface and lowers the drag. You basically ride on a smaller board. This narrow bottom tail creates a lot of outline curve which allows the rider to trim the board perfectly and steer it with little effort.

For more flotation and better acceleration of the two new boards, the depth of the cut-outs was reduced: The 85 and 71 will feel more powerful at the wind limit.

The bottom features a combination of a flat mid section, with Vee further forward and towards the tail. The flat section between the straps produces additional lift which lets the board fly.

The tail Vee makes it easy to initiate your jibes and opens up the rail line, releasing pressure and activating the curvier rail rocker when turning or jibing.

Speeding in chop becomes more controllable since the rails don’t catch and the board flies effortlessly.

Due to the ergonomic deck shapes, the rider can push hard and feel very connected.
The bigger sizes have fuller rails for better leverage while the rails of the smaller boards become rounder to get in and out the straps easily.

The concave deck reduces the swing weight and lowers the rig position for improved control.

The 3 high wind boards 55, 60 and 62 not only cater for intense Slalom racing but are also perfectly suited for Nicolas Warembourg’s favorite Long Distance Race: the DEFI Wind.

• All Slalom boards come with double hole footstrap plugs to use four screws with every strap for perfect connection between rider and board.
• All fin boxes (except the Slalom 55) are specially reinforced Medium Tuttle Boxes and can take big fins and now even foils with a Tuttle and Deep Tuttle base.



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